The Johnson Hall Renovation Project

The Johnson Hall Board of Directors has entered into an agreement with Opus Advisors of
Portsmouth, NH to jump start the daunting task of raising funds to rehabilitate the historic third
floor Opera House. The proposed design will fulfill expressed community needs for an accessible
400-seat theater and space for business meetings and small conferences. It is seen as a significant
economic development project for the revitalization of the Gardiner downtown, and as stimulus
for the Kennebec Valley region’s creative economy and cultural tourism.
Johnson Hall has hired David Lloyd of Archetype/Portland who has completed concept drawings
detailing the changes to our second and third floors. Working with Sutherland Conservation and
Consultation of Augusta, we have prepared a complete historical and material analysis of the
hall’s upper floors throughout the years. Our Board is dedicated to the plan to open the new
theater in 2019 and attract world-class talent to Central Maine.
Partnering with the City of Gardiner, Gardiner Main Street and our many fans and members
througout the region, Johnson Hall intends to be an engine of economic opportunity for this river
valley community. Building on 150 years of entertainment in the old Opera House, we are
committed to this goal and welcome any and all support from Mainers across the state and
throughout the Northeast. YOU are invited to join us!

Regional Advisory Board, Johnson Hall Performing Arts Center, 2013

(Organizations for identification only)

Nick Alberding (Pine State Beverage)

Cynthia Murray-Beliveau

Cary Colwell

Richard Dyer (Dyer Associates PR)

Susan Farnsworth, Esq.

Kaye Flanagan

Wendy Hazard (University of Maine, Augusta)

Mark Johnston (Kennebec Savings Bank)

Laurie Lachance (Maine Development)

Harry Lanphear

Alfred Lund (One Heart)

Andy MacLean (Former Mayor of Gardiner)

Stacey Morrison (Ganneston Construction)

Frank O’Hara (Planning Decisions)

Roger Pomerleau (NRF Distributors)

Nancy Rines (Kennebec County Commissioner)

Bill Sprague, Jr. (Sprague and Curtis Real Estate)

Peter Thompson (Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce)